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Can you identify this tool from yesteryear?

Todd Schmicker antique mystery tool
FROM DAYS GONE BY: This contraption once did a very big job on many livestock farms across the Midwest. Can you identify what it is? Bonus points if you know the name of the model and manufacturer.
Forgotten Tool: Livestock producers have the edge on knowing this mystery device.

Anyone who grew up on a Midwestern livestock farm in the mid-20th century might have an edge on identifying this Forgotten Tool. The item shown was the central element in making the device operate. The device itself was essential on many farms, especially those with far-flung outbuildings, to keep livestock fed and watered properly.

Need another clue? This device has long disappeared from most modern farms, but still performs its original function on many Amish farms scattered across Indiana. And here’s a bonus tip: Some people use the same name as was used for this device for modern structures that rise up in parts of northern and eastern Indiana. The modern structures serve an entirely different purpose and bear little resemblance to these “ancient” ancestors.

If you know what the item pictured is and what it did, let us know. Bonus points if you know the name of the manufacturer and the name of the model pictured here. One entry will be drawn from all correct entries for a gift card. Send your entry, along with your mailing address, to or P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

From the archives

Four hand planters were pictured in the Forgotten Tool column in the December 2021 issue. Thanks to all those who correctly identified them.

Someone wondered why a person had four on their wall. These were found in a farm museum in Hancock County, Iowa — not on a farm. They were donated by multiple people.

Congratulations to Phil Bosse, Lafayette, Ind. He received the gift card.

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