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Classic case of ‘Here kitty, kitty’

Jeanne Flanders angry cat hiding in farm equipment
COAXING THE CAT: This “barn hunter” is obviously not happy about leaving the security of her temporary new home: the combine corn head.
Potbelly Stove Stories: What do you do when your cat won’t come out of the combine?

If you know anything about barnyard cats, this story won’t surprise you. The Flanders family, Noblesville, Ind., really likes their “barn hunters.” However, during harvest 2021, one barn hunter, Molly, delayed them getting to the field five mornings in a row because she took up temporary residence in the combine and didn’t want to come out.

“We didn’t want to discourage her the rest of the year from being around and keeping mice away, but it was going beyond a nuisance,” Jeanne Flanders says.

Finally, on the fifth morning, Molly wouldn’t come out with gentle coaxing. “One person held a litter mate of hers, Mike, near the throat of the combine, and she finally got close enough that another person could grab her and pull her out,” Jeanne explains. “Just getting her out was a three-person job.”

Enough is enough! After the three-man detail on the fifth morning, Jim Flanders decided to park the combine outside his bedroom window instead of where he was parking it at night. He wanted to keep an eye on it!

The change in location worked, Jeanne reports. Molly left the combine alone and didn’t go prowling inside anymore. No more slow starts to the workday!

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