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Getting a new perspective on farm life

Tom J. Bechman Jenna Kelsay
FARM LINKED: Jenna Kelsay now has an even greater appreciation for what it means to be the seventh generation on a family farm.
FFA Corner: Teammates help this state officer appreciate her farm heritage even more.

Moving into the Indiana FFA state officer house, I knew I was one of the very few on my team who had a strong background in production agriculture. While I realized how amazing it was to be the seventh generation of my family’s farm, I often took that opportunity for granted. Growing up around livestock, crop farming and agriculture in general, I often failed to be grateful for it. It took six other individuals to help change my perspective on my role in this industry.

Throughout this year of service, my teammates and I have had many conversations about how we got involved in both FFA and agriculture. They would often ask me questions about the farm, my family and its history. What seemed like common knowledge to me was a new concept for so many of my teammates. That is when I realized what a unique blessing it is to be a family farmer.

While the lifestyle isn’t easy, the life lessons are irreplaceable. I thought back to the early morning milking experiences, late nights in the barns and hard work I complained about too often. Those experiences are exactly what shaped me. Other people would love to have those experiences.

Recognizing opportunity

I thought about my family and how agriculture continues to bring us closer together. Even though working alongside your family can be difficult, my fondest memories with my siblings are ones made in the barn.

Finally, I thought about the opportunity I have to share these experiences with my classmates, my community and even my teammates. This change in perspective exponentially increased my passion to tell others about agriculture, because it comes from a thankful heart.

I am grateful to be one of the 2 million farms that helps feed the world. I am proud to be part of the 2% that feeds the 100% in this country. What an honor it is to represent the future of agriculture!

I can confidently influence my home and community to promote this industry. In the coming new year, I hope to continue this new perspective. I will more deeply appreciate the privilege it is to introduce myself as the seventh generation of Kelsay Farms!

Kelsay serves as the Indiana FFA Southern Region vice president. She hails from Whiteland, Ind.

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