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Let love shine

Madisen Carns Tom J. Bechman
FFA LEADER: Madisen Carns, Fortville, Ind., is devoting the entire 2021-22 academic year to serving as an Indiana FFA state officer. She serves as state sentinel.
FFA Corner: What things do you do now because you’ve noticed them in those you love?

I love the way she always texts me good morning and goodnight. I love the way that she gets excited when we drive around the neighborhood and see all the holiday decorations. I truly love the way she laughs so hard when she hears something funny. These are small things about my mom that come to mind when I think about how much I love her. What makes you so close to an individual that you feel an overwhelming amount of joy and happiness when you are around them? What makes you love them?

In the spirit of the holidays, I think it is important to recognize those things that make us who we are because of those individuals in our lives whom we love. To my mom, I now sign my cursive “L” the same way she does because I saw it one day and thought it was pretty. To my cousin Jojo, I now crave listening to country music with the windows down because those were the moments when we could be as loud as we wanted.

To my Aunt Kim, I love holiday movies with the family because I remember how we would watch them right after Thanksgiving Day. Lastly, I want to show a little love to my dad, that made me want to leave a lasting impact the same way he did after he passed away. I want to be that kind, caring person that people remember long after I am no longer here.

But this doesn’t end with our family. In case you didn’t know, I live in a house with five other people my same age. These people are my teammates and fellow state FFA officers. We went from being strangers to being people we can lean on to make it through the good and the bad moments we face.

New ‘adopted’ family

Just as I noticed those small things in my family members, I noticed them within my teammates as well. Tyler, I love that you are so open about sharing stories about your hometown. It makes me feel like I knew you before this year. Nicholas, I love your drive and passion to get things done. It makes me want to be more confident in my own decisions.

Jordyn, I love that you are constantly laughing or smiling because it brings this sense of warmth and family into the house. Kourtney, I appreciate your attention to the beauty in art. Even though I strongly dislike creative projects, they are more fun when I can see that someone else like you enjoys them.

Abby, I love the way you can be absolutely goofy around us. You make me realize that the best moments are when you act like no one is watching.

During this season of love, I challenge you to think of those small things that you now do because you’ve noticed them in those you love. Thank them. I simply want to thank the individuals out there who have supported me throughout my life and this year. Your support and love carry me through this crazy thing we call life.

Carns is a 2021-22 Indiana FFA state officer. She writes from Trafalgar, Ind.

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