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This plow was unique for its time

Tom J. Bechman antique John Deere plow
INNOVATIVE PLOW: John Deere introduced three unique features on this plow. Name one of them and you become eligible to win a gift card.
Forgotten Tool: Students of the moldboard plow should remember this implement.

The moldboard plow is nearing extinction in much of the U.S. Before that happens, it’s fitting to look back at some unique innovations in this tool, which helped pioneers and early farmers tame the prairie and farm other lands across the Corn Belt.

You don’t have to guess who made this plow or even the model number. It’s a John Deere model 44 two-bottom plow. Instead, tell us what made this plow unique for the times.

There are three unique features, and two are easily visible in the photo. Get one correct and we will include you in the drawing for the gift card. Send entries to or Tom Bechman, 599 N, 100 West, Franklin, IN 46131. Please include your mailing address.

Watering livestock

The Forgotten Tool featured here and in the February issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer was a pump powered by a windmill to provide water for livestock. The model shown was the Green Giant pump made by the Butler Co., Butler, Ind.

As many readers pointed out, it could also be powered by a hit-and-miss engine. Later, some converted it to run off electricity.  

Thanks for all those who participated. Winner of the drawing for a gift card was Bud Kerckhove of Walkerton, Ind. Congratulations!

Also, thanks to Todd Schmicker of Winamac, Ind., for providing pictures of the pump and details about who made it. Sorry, Todd, you didn’t get to enter the drawing to identify your own pump!

If you have an interesting relic, send a digital photo to Or send a picture to: Tom Bechman, 599 N, 100 West, Franklin, IN 46131. If it becomes the Forgotten Tool and no one correctly identifies it, we will send you the gift card for that month!

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