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This setup makes triple-rinsing jugs easy

Tom J. Bechman herbicide jug being rinsed out
RINSING JUGS: Several herbicides still come in plastic 2.5-gallon jugs. Triple-rinsing is required before disposal. Cameron Mills, Walton, Ind., devised this simple spray outlet so he can invert a jug over the nozzle on a pipe and spray out the jug with water.
If the task is easy, you’re more likely to do it every time.

Why make a task harder than necessary? Cameron Mills knew that if he made it quick and easy to triple-rinse empty herbicide jugs, it would be more inviting to complete the task and not put it off.

He constructed a simple device, attached to a sink, that makes rinsing jugs easy. He simply took two short pieces of metal pipe and ran the first piece horizontal to the water line. Then he attached a second pipe at a 90-degree angle, pointing straight up. Finally, he took a regular spray nozzle and fitted it to the top of the pipe, pointing upward.

When he wants to rinse a plastic herbicide jug, he simply places it over the nozzle and turns on the water. The action of water spraying out the nozzle rinses the jug. As a result, empty, dirty herbicide jugs don’t accumulate inside the building.

The fertilizer and chemical storage building on Mills’ farm was constructed so that it’s a dike as well as a storage building. Should anything spill, it drains toward a sump located in the center of the floor. There is no drain. Liquid containing fertilizer can’t escape. Herbicides are stored within their own secondary containment area.

sink for rinsing jugs

Cameron Mills added a pipe at a 90-degree angle and inserted a spray nozzle in the end of it, pointed upward. As a result, he can rinse out herbicide jugs easily.

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