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These products help crops perform better

What’s New From the Shows: Companies continue to introduce products designed to help crops in various ways.

Whole new lines of crop additives are headed to the market from various companies, and some of these products are here today. More are on the way. Some add microbes directly, others rely on products of microbes or on other ingredients to change the environment for plants in a positive way.

Since more of these will be coming soon, get used to sorting through how each one works, and whether it might be a fit for your operation. Most are relatively inexpensive on a per-acre basis, and sometimes the expected yield benefit is a few bushels per acre. Each one is different, so be ready to investigate each one separately.

New products in this lineup include offerings from Agnition aimed at organic growers. Not all these products are geared toward corn and soybeans — these from Agnition work best with hay crops.

New Leaf is introducing Terrasym to the market. This product adds microbes that colonize on plant roots and aid in helping take up nutrients more efficiently, spokespersons say. A new formulation allows you to add Terrasym as a planter-box seed treatment for soybeans. Early indications are that the microbes wind up on most plant roots, even when added in the planter box.

Sound Ag offers Source, which is piling up a track record of providing yield punch for corn. Now, Sound Ag offers Optimizer software to help you determine which fields might benefit most from an investment in Source, based on the company’s growing mass of trail data.

Stoller, a longtime player in this field, has two relatively new products for you to evaluate — X-Tra Power and Sugar Mover. The latter doesn’t add sugar. Instead, it is designed to help plants move sugars more effectively internally.

Use the information provided to check out all of these offerings.

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