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Products that help harvest go smoother

What’s New From the Shows: Everything from heads to concaves is available to help at harvest.

You likely have a mental list, if not a written one, of things you would like to change and improve upon before the next harvest season in 2022. There’s no better time to finalize that list and begin looking for improved options for the 2022 harvest than while you wrap up and complete the 2021 harvest while everything is fresh in your mind.

If your combine has lots of life left but your header is giving you fits, several companies have heads to consider before you begin shopping for your next corn or grain head. Both new, more efficient draper heads for harvesting soybeans and small grains are ready for you to check out.

No fewer than five short-line companies offer new concaves for various models of rotor combines. Some of them are actually half-concaves, which make installation easier in the form of lighter lifting. Others claim to offer heavier-duty concaves made from a steel plate instead of wire for longer life and more rugged durability in general.

Some of these replacement concaves offer long warranties for wear. If your choice is to keep driving your current combine and upgrade its capabilities, you may want to check out what some of the short-line distributors are offering, both in replacement concaves and other parts for existing combines.

If shredding and distributing residue properly is your issue, Calmer Cornheads offers rollers to better size residue, and has added a new upgrade kit for certain Case combines. Geringhoff is offering new XDC stalk rolls, and Kondex sells its Straw Claw, extra-durable blade for straw choppers to get a sharp cut on residue.   

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