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New Rogator sprayer features clearance adjustment

Slideshow: On larger models, you can change crop clearance from the cab.

In-cab crop clearance adjustment in Agco’s new Rogator sprayers is more than just a neat feature. Coupled with other features, including how relatively easy it is to shift from a dry spreader to a liquid sprayer configuration, it’s a paradigm shift in sprayer usage. Now, one machine can carry out several different functions during the entire year.

Fendt formally introduced its new Rogator lineup to North America at an event near Lake Geneva, Wis., in August. Farm editors not only heard about the new flexible sprayer, but also got the opportunity to walk around it, kick the tires, and watch it change from 56 inches of crop clearance up to 76 inches of clearance as the operator made the shift in the cab. The media even had the opportunity to ride down a concrete runway and get a feel for what it might be like to operate one of these new machines.

Adjusting crop clearance

Two new models, the 934H and 937H, feature the ability to change from a standard sprayer clearance to high clearance to apply nutrients or pesticides in tall crops, such as tasseled corn, in less than 45 seconds, from the cab, no less. Spokespersons say 56 inches is standard clearance on the midsize 934H Rogator. It can go to 72 inches. With the 937H, standard is 60 inches, but you can raise it to 76 inches from the cab. This makes Rogator the first self-propelled sprayer with a rear-mounted boom with adjustable crop clearance.

The other big feature that makes these sprayers multi-use machines is how quickly they can switch from liquid to dry application. You simply switch out the dry box for the liquid application unit. Spokespersons insist the entire transformation can happen in as little as two hours.

Sprayer specs and details

The five models in the lineup include the RG932, RG934, RG934H, RG937 and RG937H. David Fickel, senior marketing manager at Agco, says horsepower ranges from 315 to 365 across these various models.

Liquid tank capacities are available in 900, 1,100 and 1,300 gallons. All models come with Rogator’s LiquidLogic system, which allows for easy boom cleanout and makes shifting from one herbicide to another faster, simpler and safer. You can either customize rinsing or rely on fully automated rinsing from the cab.

A range of nozzle, section and boom-height control options are available, spokespersons add. You can also purchase EZ-Drop tubes to apply nitrogen in-crop if you choose.

You can also choose one of two precision ag technology packages — either Fendt Section Control or the Pro Tech+ package with the Fendt Viper 4+ and Fendt Guide RS1.

For the dry system, single or twin-bin hoppers are available in different capacities. You can also choose from air delivery or spinner delivery for dry products, depending upon the model you select.

Fickel adds that as with all Fendt products, the Rogator sprayers come with Fendt’s Gold Star warranty program. It features three-year or 2,000 engine-hour, zero-deductible, full-machine coverage. To learn more about the new Rogator lineup, visit and check out the accompanying slideshow.

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