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Tractor and tillage tool combo highlights precision farming

Slideshow: See how a tractor and disk ripper can work together to deliver precise tillage.

The soil was dry and a bit on the hard side when companies brought tractors and tillage equipment to Boone, Iowa, to prepare for the Farm Progress Virtual Experience. That certainly didn’t stop them from demonstrating what modern tillage equipment pulled by state-of-the-art tractors can do. Check it out at

If you haven’t visited the website before, you will be asked to register, but only on your first visit. And it’s free. Then you can find various tractors and implements at work tilling following corn harvest.

Or you can “climb aboard” here by checking out the slideshow. Here’s Case IH’s AFS Connect Steiger 540 Quadtrac four-wheel-drive tractor, paired with the Ecolo-Tiger 875 disk ripper. Nate McGraw of Case IH was in the driver’s seat, ready to show what the tractor and tillage tool pair could do and explain how the two combined deliver precise tillage in an efficient manner.

Precision technology

This tractor was equipped with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect, McGraw noted. The feature on new Steiger models allows data to transfer wirelessly from the tractor to other locations, such as the Case IH dealer, based on what the grower allows. It sets up a system where service reps can check in on tractor performance when necessary.

The transfer can go two ways. For example, if an update becomes available for software, the local Case IH dealer service staff can send updates to the grower’s tractor wirelessly. That saves time and money, because the grower no longer must physically haul the tractor to the dealership for updates.

Meanwhile, the Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 hooked to the tractor was equipped with another new Case IH system, AFS Soil Command.

“It lets the tractor and implement talk to each other,” McGraw explained. Sensors placed on the implement can signal if key conditions are changing. A display screen in the cab allows the operator to view various components of the tillage tool and how each is performing. Adjustments can be made from the cab as needed to allow the tillage tool to perform at optimum efficiency and do the best job possible.

Check out the accompanying pictures for a closer look at how the system works. Visit your Case IH dealer for more details, or go to

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